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Next time somebody asks you “when should I buy Bitcoin/Ethereum/Cardano/etc.?” send them this.
 Warren Buffet famously said, “If you aren’t thinking about owning a stock for 10 years, don’t even think about owning it for 10 minutes.” 
Plus a great twitter thread for learning blockchain, NFTs, and Crypto
Some are going for almost $1M
On Monday, May 10th, the Internet Computer was born. ICP (Internet Computer’s abbreviation, not Insane Clown Posse) hit big exchanges, namely Coinbase…
Now there are more projects who have been dubbed “Ethereum Killer” than one could count but one such project may turn out to be making a significant…
Not subscribed? So you’ve been in the crypto game for a few months and are ready to really give DeFi a real college try and thanks to DeFi you are…
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